BLACK PICTURE CO. is committed to the origin of cinema, that at the core of every film lies a compelling story and in every moment witnessed in life, lies the promise of a new one. Each story as in life, is not defined by the million routine moments but by the flashes of lucid detail that stay forever.

Vivid, Intense, Unadulterated, Black.

“Make films that are better than anything the world has seen, with images the world sees everyday.”

In every gaze, every stare, every distraction, every hook on the wall, in its shadow, in every tune, every sound, every noise, in the way the alarm screams, the way the snooze button clicks, in the way Garfield is written in today’s newspaper, in the way the hot woman is shot on the sports page, in the way registered is written next to Garfield, in the way the blue bucket sits on the bathroom floor, in the sound of the barking dog outside the loo, in the way the watchman outside the gate dozes off at peak hour, the way the grill of the car coming down the road smiles with a glow in its eyes, the way the man driving it frowns, the way the clouds strike a pose, the way the door mat is placed outside the office, the way the light pours in as we draw the blinds open, the way the cursor blinks as this is being typed.

We watch, sleep, stay up, read, doze off, listen, yawn and in the sounds we hear and make, in every experience we see images in our minds eye, indelible images, At first an image that’s all. Then the piano plays, and the image turns into a story, the story into a film, and within seconds we travel from random noise to a film that gives us Goosebumps. They are so addictive that we keep our eyes, nose, mouth, ears and minds open for the next opportunity to feel them.

We step back into a child like fantasy with as much innocence and nonchalance, crafting stories every moment in the most graphic manner. To compete with the myriad visuals that appeared in our heads when our grandmothers spent those lazy afternoons telling us stories. To ensure that every such image is immortalised on film is what drives The Black Picture Co.